Finally a Kick-Butt, Sweat Pouring, Bag Slamming, Aggression Releasing, Power Punching Workout for the "Bored With the Spa Scene" Raging Kickboxer Deep Inside us all!

For Fun, Fitness, and Self-Defense the areas #1 Martial Arts School invites you to try The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout! Our Kickboxing Class is a High Energy, Exciting, and Explosive Fitness and conditioning workout that combines the kicks of karate with the punches of boxing!

Our kickboxing class is taught by a nationally certified instructor and is designed to get you in the shape you've always wanted while teaching you valuable self-defense skills!

From your shoulders to your curves, you'll become leaner and stronger; you'll tighten and tone your body, Increase Your Confidence, Reduce Your Stress level while having fun in a Clean, Safe Family Environment!

Fitness Kickboxing blends your own hidden personal powers with the tried and true techniques of personal self-defense, martial arts, and kickboxing all set to today's hottest music.

Try Fitness Kickboxing today. It's easy. There's no complicated chorography to make you feel out of step. It's a workout you'll look forward to each day.

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