Finally a Kick-Butt, Sweat Pouring, Bag Slamming, Aggression Releasing, Power Punching Workout for the "Bored With the Spa Scene" Raging Kickboxer Deep Inside us all! Our Adult Kickboxing classes are open to residents of DeLand, Orange City, DeBary and Deltona.

For Fun, Fitness, and Self-Defense, the area's #1 Martial Arts School invites you to try The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout! Our Kickboxing Class is a High Energy, Exciting, and Explosive Fitness and conditioning workout that combines the kicks of karate with the punches of boxing!

Our kickboxing class is taught by a nationally certified instructor and is designed to get you in the shape you've always wanted while teaching you valuable self-defense skills!

Kicking the Wavemaster

From your shoulders to your curves, you'll become leaner and stronger; you'll tighten and tone your body, Increase Your Confidence, Reduce Your Stress level while having fun in a Clean, Safe Family Environment!

Fitness Kickboxing blends your own hidden personal powers with the tried and true techniques of personal self-defense, martial arts, and kickboxing all set to today's hottest music.

Try Fitness Kickboxing today. It's easy. There's no complicated chorography to make you feel out of step. It's a workout you'll look forward to each day.

Explore the benefits of the health club scene without all the hassle...