Here's what some of our clients have to say about Kimber Martial Arts

“Sensei Steve and Kimber Martial Arts saved my life. I’m diabetic and was getting worse, so I started karate again at age 54. In the last year I’ve increased my ability to walk long distances and at pace, my A1C dropped almost 3 points, my body makes more insulin now and I no longer have to miss events that require standing or walking !!! Those with diabetes know what I’m saying !! I have a long way to go and Kimber Martial Arts will be with me every STEP of the way....... literally!! Thank you KMA and especially Sensei Steve !!”

- Greg Johns via

“I love the times and days available. Sensei Steve and his assistants are patient with the new students and concentrate on correct form. Plus it's affordable. Can't wait to watch my boys progress with the program.”

- Heather Branton via

“My son has been training here for about 6 years. Everyone here has become like family to us. Sensei Steve is a top notch instructor. Talented, tough and kind. Kimber is a great business owner and cares deeply for her students.”

- Kirsty Boyer via

“Our son went from disorganized and not able to follow instructions at age three to disciplined and engaged at age seven. Our daughter who is almost five loves classes there too. They also offer amazing birthday parties - the kids get to cut their cake with a samurai sword - so much fun!”

- Kimberly Rust via

“My family has been training at this dojo in some format for almost 10 years. My sons have literally grown up here, starting as Lil Dragons, attending the after school program, summer camp, having birthday parties, etc. My 12 year old received his Junior black belt last September, and my 15 year is right behind him. I could not be more pleased with the skills and values they have learned. some reviews have discussed price - in my opinion, it is like any other sport, and you are going to have fees, uniforms, etc. it is well worth the money spent for the values learned. The instructors and students are like family. Great people, great community, great exercise, both mentally and physically.”

- Lisa Buscher via

“Three in our family have been attending classes here for 2 years now. If you are looking for quality martial arts instruction look no further. The lowdown as I see it, as both a Mom and a student at Kimber Martial Arts:

Instructors - knowledgeable, truly masters of their craft, excellent with their students, always make time for clarification
Facility - more than adequate, recently remodeled, well and brightly lit, a ton of parking to choose from
Customer service - always friendly, helpful, have never once had a question go unanswered (owner stayed with me for half an hour past closing a week ago to go over our accounts per my request)
Equipment - fully equipped dojo with padded flooring, heavy bags, paddles, etc a lot of it also recently updated
Location - centrally located in Deland, easy access, safe area (Sheriff station in the same plaza)
Menu - with many classes recently added to the repertoire, there really is something here for everyone, from formal martial arts training, to self defense, and kick boxing, the list goes on!
Cost - as a family of 7 who have been around the block with kiddie extracurricular activities like soccer, violin, trumpet, ballet and gymnastics just to name a few, we have found the cost here to be comparable to other similar activities, with the added bonus of better prepared for life children as a result
Students - we are all awesome.. dedicated and look out for one another

Recommend? - A big resounding yes!”

- Iwona Allen via